Participating as an artist in OSH is a great opportunity to show your work to thousands of visitors. You have the opportunity to sell your artwork or services and to begin to develop important relationships. If you have questions, please contact Cynthia Bulaong at for prompt answers.

Thank You to nearly 400 artists who participated in 2019!

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY. Due to the COVID 19 outbreak and the rules and regulations we must abide by in order not to spread the virus, OSH has been reinvented as an all-online event. This year's marketing will drive visitors to a new Online Gallery, Artists Profiles that can include links to existing online content, videos and images. Stay tuned for online and hardcopy registration as well as the new fee structure!

2019 Hard Copy Registration Forms:

Click here for a PDF version
Click here for a type-in Word document

Payment Options:

To pay online, Click Here
Payment may be made by check and mailed to Artists in Real Time, PO Box 1138, Hartford, CT 06143
GROUP SHOW ONLY $35 (1 or 2 pieces - dependant on size - in the Group Show running through November)

Information & Details (2019 / in-person OSH event)

PDF Version of Artist Manual 


OSH is designed to support and promote the arts, artists and their work, giving the opportunity to develop face-to-face relationships with potential buyers. The public has a chance to purchase local art, inspiring community creativity and bringing thousands of visitors to Hartford’s neighborhoods!

•  OSH is a city-wide event for artists to exhibit and sell their work.
•  A free, self-guided tour of live-in/work studios & homes, galleries, schools, & businesses. 
•  Join by opening your own studio or location OR you can be placed at a location that welcomes visiting artists!
•  OSH accepts art of all mediums, genres and skill levels.
•  Opportunities for Dance, Music, Film, Poetry & Performance Art.
Some of our accomplishments & goals:
•   Targeting and attracting art buyers to OSH.
•   Encouraging people to visit multiple venues.
•   Shuttle buses assisting people to move around comfortably.
•   Assisting all locations to make the most of OSH.
•   Opening landmark buildings such as Union Station.
•   Developing an effective Volunteer Committee.
•   Audience development and community awareness.
Who: Over 300 artists, individuals, educational institutions and arts organizations participate. “Visiting artists” from outside of Hartford are welcome to join group locations.
Where: You have the choice of opening your art-related location; if you do not have one or are from out of town, OSH will assign you an appropriate spot. Venues are spread city-wide.
What: You may exhibit and sell all media of art including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, digital art, jewelry, ceramics, fiber and more. There is no limit to the number of pieces you can exhibit and you may fill your space as you wish.
•  All venues will be provided OSH signage for identification.
•  Notify us if your venue can use sponsor signage or banners.
•  Open Studios & Apartments should identify their door with art & signage.
•  Where possible, Open Studio signs & balloons will be distributed.
•  Provide refreshments and other activities to keep viewers engaged.
•  Hang helpful, directional signage and maps where necessary. 
•  Work with the coordinator to market your venue with press releases etc.
•  Venues will be individually credited in marketing materials.
•  Venues can consider a sponsorship level for further visibility starting at $250.
•  Applying for grants and funding for your participation is encouraged.
Rules for Installation: “Visiting artists” (those that wish to join visiting-artist location or do not have a studio in Hartford) will be assigned specific locations and informed of guidelines. For instance, at ArtSpace, Arbor St and Colt, picture hangers and nails may be used. Tables, displays, racks etc cannot extend beyond 18” from the wall per the Fire Marshal if you are placed in a corridor. 
Display Systems / Table or Centerfloor Exhibits: If you display your work without the use of wall space, please inform us upon registration. You will be assigned a 10’x10’ space and more if possible. Wall space is extensive but it is still limited. Let us know if you have a display system at your disposal.
Rentals: In several of the group venues, rentals of tables and chairs are offered for an additional cost. Currently those venues are ArtSpace, Union Station, Arbor Street and Colt Gateway. The CT Historical Society has a limited number of tables for use. Generally, tables are rented at cost @ $10 and chairs are @ $5.
Set Up, Opening & Removal: Depending on your venue, set up for visiting artists happens Wednesday thru Saturday morning. Being ready to go at opening time is mandatory and please remain in your space through closing. Do not break down early. Remove all property on Sunday at closing unless otherwise arranged. 
Stay with your Exhibit: Plan to attend and/or have someone present at all times during the show. Work with your neighbors if need be … you’ll want to interact with your audience and be there for sales and commissions. We suggest arranging someone to sit with your exhibit at some point so you can wander the event yourself! Now that we have two weekends, you can enjoy OSH on your alternate weekend!
Sales: Sales are handled by each artist and we do not take a percentage. You may sell prints, other artistic projects and commission customized work for the future. Technically, t
o sell goods in CT, a Tax # is required by law but this is the responsibility of the vendor. OSH does not currently require artists and vendors to supply this information. Go to: for a one-time fee and display certificate in your space.
Credit Cards: We suggest that you equip yourself to accept card payments. Among others, you can use Paypal ( or Square ( Both have swipers that connect into smart phones. Both take a percentage of the total sale and have a smartphone app to download. You can use your data over your phone plan for sales or connect via wifi. Swipers are free or can be purchased retail.
Security: Depending upon the venue assigned, it may be necessary to remove all or a portion of your display overnight Saturday. Work with neighboring apartments or studios if you’re in a hallway. Professional security will be provided in a public environment.
Committees & Volunteers:  Consider lending your help and expertise (or that of your contacts, friends or family) in all areas including marketing, administration and fundraising. We need help gallery sitting, building signs, poster distribution, hanging banners, elevator operators, venue captains and shuttle guides, spackling and painting walls, security & parking attendants. 
Donations: OSH is produced by a non-profit organization running on a small budget. Please think of us if you have access to goods or services that would be helpful in our general operations, supplies, food and hospitality needs for both the events, copy and print capabilities, etc.
Sponsors: Sponsorships are an important part of the OSH budget. Without them, the event cannot optimally operate. Please work with us if you have contacts for corporate, individual or in-kind sponsors. Formal and personalized solicitation kits are available.
All OSH participants are encouraged to place a piece in the show. Artists that wish to show only in the Group Show become a member of Artists in Real Time by paying a $35 fee.
•    Your piece must remain in the ArtSpace Gallery for the show’s duration.
•    Size constraints depend on the number of participants.
•    Group Show visitation hours will have volunteers present.  
•    Piece should be ready to displayed or hung (i.e. wire attached).
•    A label template will be available closer to the show. THREE copies of the same label are required.
DROP OFF will be on or around November 1st
Insurance and Liability: Venues lending space for visiting artists and their management, ART, Cynthia Bulaong and her staff, assume no responsibility for the value of your artwork. The artist is responsible for their own insurance against theft or damage at any time. Read below:
Individual Artist Insurance: Artists can purchase low-cost, short-term insurance policies at companies such as Artists in Real Time, Inc., PO Box 1138, Hartford, CT 06143 can be added as Additionally Insured.
Registration Fees begin at $60In addition to showing your work to many viewers, you receive ART Membership, Jerry’s Artarama Discount Card, listing in the color brochure and CTNOW Guide and a page with images on and
Sponsored Artists: If you cannot afford your application fee, ART may be able to help. 
To be included in all publicity materials - Register by October 1st.
Contact Cynthia Bulaong at
To make a payment or to make a donation, Click Here
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