Artist List

2018 Artist List - More added daily!



3 Pour Artists - Lisa M. Culmone - Acrylic paint, mixed media
3 Pour Artists-Allyson Coughlan - Mixed Media
3 Pour Artists-Marlo Herrick - Resin acrylic ink
928 Art - Acrylic, mixed media
A.D. Bloom - Pencil
Aariyan Googe/Feel Through Your Eyes PhotoStudio - Photography and mixed media
Abigail Hourigan Art - Acrylic and oil
Afaf Khalil - Acrylics
Ali Lenehan - Charcoal and Acrylic
Alicja Photography - Photography
Alison Designs, LLC - Jewelry
All That Sparkles - Sterling silver jewelry
Allen Freshler - Oil
Ally Does Art - Ceramics
Amanda Rodriguez - Watercolor
Amy Sciongay - Ceramics
Angela P. Shenk - Watercolor
Angela Thomas - Wearable Art Jewelry
Angela Traunig - Oil
Anna Antonell - Watercolor
Antoinette Cullen - Clay
Apollo Maldonado - Oil, acrylic, digital
Art Connection Studio - Painting, fiber arts, jewelry, living art
Art For Hope/Love/Cure - Acrylic and tempura paints
Arthur Backstrom - Film photography
Artisans Studio - Acrylic Painting & Jewelry Making
AvD (Artist Showcase) - Artist Group
B.Rossitto - Oil, watercolor
Barbara Hocker - Mixed Media
Barbara J. Alex - Oils, watercolor, pastels, acrylics
Ben Parker - Origami
BH Upcycled Designs - Fiber/Wearable Art
Bill Riley & Joanne Riley ASID, The Interior Edge - Mixed Media
Billy Healy - Found objects/Mixed medium
Blaze & Bloom Vintage - Vintage and remade items for home and garden
Blue Leaves Bakery - Gluten-free and dietetic baked goods
Botanical Prints - Botanical & Eco prints on silk
Brian Smith - Pulp and ink
Brittany Hube - Ceramics
Bryan D Wziontko - Clay, Glaze, Saggar Fire.
Candace Nystrom - Alcohol inks and mixed media
Cara Stimmel ltd. - Jewelry
Carlene Buchanan - Abstract Digital Art
Carol and Peter Ganick - Watercolor, acrylic, ink
Carol E. Bower Photo-Graphics - Photography
Catherine Fisk Natale - Oil on canvas or oil on panel
Cecilia Imports - Weaving
Ceil Rossi Gourds - Fine art gourds
Cetacean Society International - Photographs
Chris Figat - Acrylic paint
Christine Chaise-Greenwood - Acrylic paint and oil pastels
Christine Quallen - Photography
Christopher Hayes - Glass
Christopher J Brown - Water Soluble Oil Paint
Christy Corey - Oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings
Collective Chill - ...
Connecticut Landmarks -
Cottage Potter - Ceramics
Courtney Silvia - Painting, printmaking, clothing design
Creative Fusion Glass - Glass
Crepe Celebration - Food
Custom Framing Depot - Picture framing
Dawn Cook - Acrylic paintings, drawings, mixed-media
Deborah Greco - Oil and pastel
DéLoné Gallery present Times Space Continuum - Oil, acrylic, Patel, watercolor, metallic
Denise Balcanoff - Alcohol Ink & Mixed Media
Designs by Jackii - Jewelry
Desiree Thomas - Pencil
Diane Meccariello - Oil and Acrylic
Doug Hockman Photography - Photography
Drew Darley - Ceramics
DTaylorK - Acrylic mixed media
Dyshann & Team Aquastone - Clothing and prints
Eaze - Street Photography
Edwin - Spray Paint on paper
Elizabeth Krall - Acrylic, ink, pastel
ElJan Glass - Glass
Elle Smith Fagan - Water
Ellen Darling - Fine Art Photography
Emilie Cohen Jewelry - Jewelry
Eric Casey - Photography
Eric Urquhart - Photography
Erika Novak - Ceramics
ERP Studio - Ceramic
Estelle Laschever - Oils & Mixed Media and Monotypes
EyemnKogneeto - Watercolor
Fernando Garcia - Mixed media
Focksy Rox - Jewelry usingmetals/semiprecious gems/clay
Frances R. Drew - Oils & mixed media
Francie Fillatti - Oil Painter
Fresh Start Pallet Products - Wooden pallets and other repurposed items
Gabrielle Zane - Waxing Moon Studio - Mixed media encaustics
Gary Jacobs - Oil Painting
Gay Schempp - Encaustic
Genti Bushi - Oil, acrylic, Mixed media
Georgia Stathoulas - oils
Gig Lavery - Clay
Ginny August Pottery - Pottery
Grace Epstein - Ceramics and paintings
Grassillini Creations - Leather
Hartford Art School artists - All media
Hartford Artisans Weaving Center - Weaving
Hartford Flavor Company - Spirits
Hartford Prints! - Letterpress Stationery, Art Prints + Gifts
Harvest Hardwood - Wood
Heather Brasche - Pastels
Ina Forman - Fiber art and quilts
Inda Jewelry Designs - Handcrafted Jewelry
Irene Hilbert - Watercolor, acrylic, collage
J & M Image Works - photography
Jackie Madrazo Art - Acrylic
Jacqueline Boxer - Leather, beads, pottery, key fobs
JaimeLee Art.... - Acrylic paint &mixed media
James D'Amore Art - Oil, acrylic, latex paint
Janet Galasso Design - Mixed Media, Photography, Design and More!
Jasmine Jones - Photography
Jason Stanizzi - Painting
Jason Werner - Painting
Jeanne Peters Jewelry - Mixed Materials Jewelry
Jeff Brown - Cigar box guitars
Jillian Sinnott - Fiber
Jing Tong - Little Fish's Canvas - Acrylic
Jo Joy Art - Oil paintings and Glicee prints
Joanna Biskupski - Jewelry
John Hofmann Photography - Photography
John Kempczynski - Pastel and Oil Mono-type
John O'Brien - Pen and Ink
John Tyner - Acrylic on canvas
Jon Eastman - Various Mediums
Joshua Menko - Pen and Ink
Joy Of Life Art Creation - Mix medium
Joyce Bragdon Studio - Printmaking/Acrylic/Resin
Juan Ramos - Photography, paintings
Jubilee Fine Art - All media
Judith A Charlton - Stained Glass, Dichroic & Wire Weave Jewelry, Wood
Judith Secco Photography - Photography
Julie Chen - Interdisciplinary
Julie Phillipps - Watercolor, collage, ink, fleece
Junko Falcone - Oil
Junkpot Studio - Ceramic
K&H Leatherworks - Leather
Karen Burke - Photography, Digital Art
Karen Rossi - Metal
Karyn Sweezy - Glass
Kathi Packer Studio - Oil
Kathleen Zimmerman - Serigraphs
Kathy Schwartz - Paint and collage
Katie Wickham - Acrylic
Keesha Breedlove - Oil paint
Kell Schneider - Graphic design and print
Kelly Bordeaux - Ceramics
Kelly Taylor - Mixed media
Kelly Triolo - Acrylics
Kevin Cox - Oil on canvas/panel
Kimberley Scoble - Oil
Kimberly Caruso-Poley - Mixed media paintings and fused glass
KS - Acrylics
Kurt Suydam - Photography
Laerta Premto - Watercolor, oil, acrylic
Lanny Nagler - Photography
Larry Freibauer - Acrylic on Canvas
Late Bloomers - Ink, Graphite, Watermedia
Lauren Lundberg Photography - Photography
LeaAnn Cogswell - Sculpture, stained glass
Lexi Friedman - Accessory/Fashion design, photography, textiles
Lights & Darks: Art by Heather Herindeen - Mixed media
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis - Oils and pastels
Linda Joyce Ouellette Photographic Art - Photography and Digital Art
Linda Rahm - Acrylic, oil, mixed media
Lindaluz Carrillo - Spray paint / Graphic Design
Lisa A Pressamarita - Multi Media
LJB Special Photography - Photography
Lori Barker - Mixed media on metal fabric
Lori Racicot - Acrylic and pastel
Lorna Morris Cyr - Oil
Louis Russo Photography - Photography
Louisa Barton Duguay/ Fresh Start - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Love Creations by Shaunda - Gemstones on paper
Lulu's Knits & Felts - Fiber
Lynn Ferrari - Mixed media
Made by Melani - Ceramics
Magdalena Gawronski - Painting, Drawing
MakeHartford - Wood, Slate, Ceramics, Paper, Painting, Yarn
Mark Iwanicki - Oils on Canvas
Mark Terrence Meyer - Oil
Marlese G Starling - Wood and Upholstery Craft
Martin Paul Photos - Photography
Marydees Alley by Mary Dombrowski - Ink, Alcohol Ink
Matt Becker - Ceramics, Illustration
Matthew Ginsberg - Ceramics
Maurice D. Robertson Photo Arts - Photography
Meredith Arcari - Paintings, photography, prints and jewelry
Michael Toti - Mixed media collage
Mijumi - Mixed Media
Mina Karimian - Acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, pen
MOUNT HOOK - Mixed media (Alcohol ink, acrylic paint, graphite)
My Precious Stones - Sterling silver and semi precious stones
Nan Runde - Pencil, oil, egg tempera
Natasha Sazonova - Mixed media
Natural Chic Designs by Anna Zanetti - Acrylics, inks & watercolors & Crystals
Neil LeFebvre - Oil on canvas, craft and photos
Nicholas Jacobs - Photography
Nick Frasco - Oil, watercolor, graphite, gouache
Nigel Wynter - Watercolor, oil, acrylic, pencil and mixed media
Nolan Cicerrella - Photography
Normand Charlette - Photography
Oak Hill Arts Studio - Painting, ceramics, sculpture
Olivia Bonilla - Sculpture/ Painting
Paskov Pottery - Ceramics
Paws That Draw, Rescue Dog - Acrylic on canvas
Peggy Pansa - Mixed acrylic, photography
Per Diem Printing - Paper and heavy card stock
Photography by Virge Lorents - Photography
Real Art Ways - Multidisciplinary Art Center
Rebecca Maloney - Acrylic, Mixed media collage and painting
Rebecca McMann - Photography on Metal
Reflection of God’s Love - photos by Lorraine - Photography
Renée S. Hughes - Printmaking-monotype
Rita Bond - Oil, Acrylic
Ritual Earth Tea - Small batch loose leaf teas
Robert Faucher - Pen & Ink, Acrylic on canvas
Robert Wilgoski: Artist in Emotionalism - Oil on canvas, watercolor and poetry
Robert Zott - Mixed Media
Ron Crowcroft - Mixed media
Roxanne Crane - Acrylic and ink paintings on canvas and paper
Sally Stamos Art & Accessories - Mixed media on canvas
Samuel M. Benjamin - Pen, ink and digital
Sandra Baker - Collage, abstract
Sandra Van Vooren - Wire, semi precious stones, fossils, fabric
Sandy Welch Art - Acrylic/mixed on canvas
Sara Zunda - Digital Media
Sarah Merkel Preissler - Acrylic on canvas
Sarah Rose Aromajewelry - Jewelry
Sarahnaid Designs - Jewelry/metalsmith
Sergio Fine Arts Photography - Photography
Sewmuchclay - Clay, fabric, yarn
Shannon Marone Brownbear + Owl Holistic Counseling - Acrylic, mixed media
Shawna Rosol - Ceramics
Shawnae chavies - Body painter
Silver Thumb Studio - Vintage jewelry and Polymer
Simone Martin - Pencil ,colored pencil , oil paint
Smudge+Stone - Copper, stone Etc
snffbx - Art books
Spirited Touch Designs - Resin jewelry and decor
SpirLoSoul - Textiles
Stacy Geryk Paintings & Photography - Painting & Photography
Sue Banks - Fluid acrylic on furniture, canvas and objects
Sue Fenton - Photography
Summer Green Pottery - Stoneware
Susan Hackett - Glass
Susan Patla Brereton - Oils, graphite, mixed medium and pen and ink
Suzanne Jill Levy - Painting - Acrylic on canvas and clayboard
SweetbloodSFX - Medium
T-Diva Designs - Jewelry, paper, fiber artist
Tainted Inc. studio 103 & 310A - Mixed
Tammy Hand - Acrylic on canvas, jewelry, small craft pieces
Taproot Integrative Care & Quartz Counseling - Painting & Other Interactive Art Projects
Tenom - Spray and acrylic
Terese Maineri de Velasquez - Textile, Acrylic Paint, and Mixed Media
Terraria / Novel Objectives - Mixed
Thauana Naíke - Mixed media
The END Ensemble - Dance & Music
The Jumping Frog Used Bookstore - Used Books
The Sewing Circle Project - Fiber arts
Tiago Finato - Oils
Tied In Chains Jewelry - Jewelry
Tierra Earth Essences - Natural beauty care products
Tiny Dino - Textile, ceramic, mixed media
Trasloof - Abstract paintings
Uniquely Yours Jewelry and Callum Heddar, Author - Glass and gemstone jewelry/ print
Valerie Marie Pottery - Ceramics
Veterans Therapy Through Art - Photography, fine art, mixed media, crochet
Vibeke Dressler / White Rabbit Studio - Collage
Virginia Seeley - Clay
Visions N Clay - Pottery
Watermark Press - Printmaking, painting, book arts
Yanni Sembrakis - Acrylic / canvas
ZONA - Vintage textile, mid-mod curation

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